How are your customers finding your business? Our goal is to increase your search rankings and create an ROI by driving meaningful traffic to your website.  Local SEO is the #1 strategy used by companies to market their business to surrounding customers in their area. Search engines are putting more of an emphasis on local searches, and Abstrakt implements a plan of action in order to meet this.

More and more people are using a search engine to locate companies for solutions to whatever problems they have, and will choose a company with a great rating from the suggestions of local places. Abstrakt utilizes best practices for local SEO in order to put your company at the top of the list. Combined with our reputation management, Abstrakt will get your business noticed by potential customers in your area.

We use local ranking factors like name, address, phone number, and customer reviews to rise to the top of the results organically and even get featured in the carousel, instead of paying the search engine for those positions. Whether customers search for their desires on a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or another device, your company will land at the top of a search due to our local SEO practices.

Abstrakt will use Local SEO to put your business on the map (literally) and get you noticed by more customers searching for your service in your particular area.

  • Manage all of your local business data in one location
  • Create, optimize, manage and report on up-to 44 of the most important local business directories
  • Manage all your online business directory reviews in one place
  • Manage all your keyword rankings from Google, Yahoo and Bing in one place
  • Track all your engagement activity online
  • Paid distribution updates monthly to the 3 largest local business data aggregators reaching thousands of directories over time.