Abstrakt will manage and respond to online reviews daily and provide awareness and exposure for dedicated company personnel to provide “real-time” feedback on reviews. Because we know that customers search reviews on companies they are thinking of using, we will monitor all reviews on a wide range of review sites to make sure you keep your best face forward. Every company will be the recipient of good and bad reviews, and Abstrakt works to manage and respond to all of them to keep your reputation intact.

Monitor Reputation

Our team of experts solicits new online reviews by sending requests to your previous service and retail customers automatically from your DMS. Our white glove service will respond to both positive and negative reviews, and will ensure an immediate positive impression online. We want to make sure all of your customers, satisfied or unsatisfied, feel that their voices are heard and you care about the experience they had with your company.


  • 24/7 reputation monitoring
  • Internet reputation protection

Respond to Reviews

When customers write exceptionally negative (or positive) reviews, we reach out and post a response. Initially unhappy customers become your fiercest advocates when their complaints are handled rapidly and with a personal touch. We will send you negative review responses for approval so you get the final say to make sure you keep your customers.


  • Punctual responses
  • Apologies to dissatisfied customers and incentives to win them back
  • Crisis management
  • Service Reminders